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Modular construction company Lehto Group continued to grow in 2015

Lehto Group, a construction company focused on economically driven construction, continued on the growth track in 2015.

The turnover for the company increased by 61.1 per cent over the previous year to MEUR 275.6. In 2014 the group’s turnover was MEUR 171.1, compared with MEUR 113.4 in 2013.

Operating profit for the company increased to MEUR 27.2, compared with MEUR 5.8 in 2014. The operating profit margin in 2015 was 9.9%, up from 3.4% the year before.

“Our growth is based on several factors. We have succeeded in meeting customer demands by making it easy for the customer to purchase an apartment or business premises or to carry out renovation work in the building. Economically driven construction entails cost driven project planning and efficient implementation. Furthermore, Lehto Group can also take part in organising funding and attracting investors,” says Lehto Group Managing Director Hannu Lehto.

One of the largest construction and property groups in Finland, Lehto Group witnessed growth in all four service areas – business premises, housing, social care and educational premises, and building renovation.

“We have managed to keep costs at a low level utilising sensible module and concept based planning and production,” Lehto says.

With all service areas on the growth track, the future is also looking bright. The coming autumn will see the completion of a new Lehto Group plant in Oulainen, which will boost module production. Plans also include the launch of a line of school buildings aimed at the public sector based on concepting and modules.

“There is an increasing demand for the economically driven construction model. Lehto has also attracted professional property investors, pension companies and funds as customers. In 2015 we sold 832 apartments to our customers, mainly in the greater Helsinki area,” says Chief Business Officer Asko Myllymäki.

Lehto Group comprises the fully owned subsidiaries Rakennusliike Lehto Oy, Rakennuskartio Oy, OptimiKodit Oy, Rakennusliike Koivukoski Oy, Remonttipartio Oy, Takuuelementti Oy, Lehto Bygg AB and Insinööritoimisto Mäkeläinen Oy.

Further information:

Hannu Lehto, Managing Director, +358 50 028 0448

Veli-Pekka Paloranta, Chief Financial Officer, +358 400 944 074