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Let’s build a successful retail location together!

Lehto is an exceptionally experienced developer of retail locations and various types of business premises. We have built hundreds of retail buildings across Finland, ranging from small retail units to some of the country’s largest shopping centres. Using our agile development approach, we will put together a cost-efficient and convenient project that will be completed on schedule.

Originator got new business premises with efficient use of space

We achieve success together with you by following these principles

We build according to your budget

Our prices are fixed. Tell us what your budget is and we will prepare a proposal for you.

Have your opening event on the agreed date

When you work with Lehto, your project will not be delayed. You will be able to have your opening event on the agreed date

Straightforward project execution

We keep control of projects from the design stage to implementation, which means that there will only be one clear contract between us. This makes your project straightforward.

This is how we do it

One contract

The one contract principle makes your project clear and straightforward.

Fixed price

Lehto wants to keep budgets under control. The price of your project is fixed and you do not have to worry about excess expenses and loose budgets.

Move in on the agreed date

Keeping to the agreed time frame is a matter of pride for us. We finish our projects on schedule.

Content and quality as agreed

The scope of the contract and the content of the delivery is accurately known by both parties.

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The recipe for your success in building new business premises!

The first steps are always the most important: keep the planning and design stage concise and the project costs will remain under control. Remember to take advantage of your developer’s expertise: Lehto, for example, has a strong track record of building hundreds of retail locations. Effective dialogue ensures you get great premises for your business!

Having just one company take responsibility for both the design and construction is often more cost-efficient and convenient. It helps you avoid having to deal with several different contracts and makes project management easier with regard to costs and schedules. Your premises will be ready to open on the planned date and the project budget will hold!

Examples of companies that have put their trust in us include Ideapark, Ikano, Prisma, Motonet, Halpa-Halli, K-Rauta, Byggmax, Tokmanni, Kamux, Wetteri, Puuilo, S-Market, Rautia, Lidl, Delta-Auto, Sports Car Center, ABC, K-Market, Masku, Euromaster, Ikea, XXL and many other leading companies in their respective fields.

Piimega got new office premises

We are a strong partner for retail chains – read the Puuilo customer story

Lehto often operates as a business premises construction partner for various retail chains. Creating a tailor-made retail concept according to the chain’s needs supports the company’s business and growth. Joint development over several years often leads to cost-efficiency and new innovations. We know our customers’ needs and we incorporate our expertise into the development of new business premises. We also help find the right partners for projects.

Lehto and Puuilo, for example, have already built seven retail locations across Finland. The long cooperation ensures that projects start quickly and are efficiently implemented. For more information, read the Puuilo customer reference story!

Our projects have always progressed on schedule. None of them have been delayed. A retail location doesn’t generate revenue until it opens its doors, so it’s extremely important to keep to the agreed opening date.

– Juha Saarela, CEO, Puuilo.

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