The Myllytie-Valtuustonkatu block in Järvenpää will become a modern and ecological block of Lehto wooden apartment buildings

The construction company Lehto Group won the City of Järvenpää’s partnership call for the Myllytie-Valtuustonkatu block, on which it will build modern, ecological and resource-wise wooden apartments that firmly represent many future megatrends in construction. The apartment elements will be manufactured in Finnish factories, and digital living innovations will add an extra layer of comfort to residents’ everyday lives.

In May 2020, the City of Järvenpää announced a call for a partner to participate in the joint design of the Myllytie-Valtuustonkatu development project and to implement the resulting concept. This partner was chosen on the basis of quality criteria that compared the proposed solutions to the quality targets and preconditions for implementation.

Joint design and partnership planning will be launched in October with Lehto and LUO Arkkitehdit Oy. The joint design will also include finalising changes to the city plan, with the intention of getting the plan approved during early spring 2021 and in force by summer 2021. If this provisional timetable holds, construction can begin in autumn 2021.

“We’re using a new type of call to find a partner for this development project. As this is a prime location in the city, we wanted to choose our partner solely on the basis of quality criteria. The concept submitted by Lehto and LUO Arkkitehdit stood out from the crowd thanks to wooden construction, resource-wise implementation and the parking solution. The design met our urban strategy requirements very well,” says Project Manager Salla Niemelä.

“Lehto’s ecological wooden apartment building is a trendy, high-quality and cosy choice that is right on the zeitgeist. We’re already building in line with future megatrends, as we’ve been transferring construction phases from construction sites to factories, and favouring digital solutions that add comfort to housing. The wooden apartments are built at our factories in Finland, where they’re protected from the elements to ensure high-quality construction whatever the weather. Our previous experiences of working with the City of Järvenpää and LUO Arkkitehdit have been pleasant and the projects have gone smoothly. Which is why we’re looking forward to getting started on this one,” says Lehto’s Antti Leinonen.

“It’s exciting to be able to design a wooden block in such a central location in Järvenpää. In our design, a trio of seven-storey wooden buildings will join the existing buildings on Myllytie. The sculptural shape of the roof will give the wooden block a distinctive look,” says Architect Virve Väisänen from LUO Arkkitehdit.


Further information:
Salla Niemelä, City of Järvenpää, Project Manager, tel. +358 (0)40 315 2344
Antti Leinonen, Lehto Group, Programme Manager, tel. +358 (0)40 749 9494
Virve Väisänen, LUO Arkkitehdit, Architect SAFA, tel. +358 (0)50 359 6113