This is how Lehto Group came to be

Lehto Group has almost 40 years of history in the business. Rakennuskartio Oy, the oldest subsidiary of the Group, has been operating in the construction business since 1976, and Rakennusliike Lehto Oy for over 25 years. The trajectories of these companies have taken them above the cycles of the construction industry. Lehto Group was born in 2008, when its predecessor Päätoimija Group was founded. In 2016, Päätoimija became Lehto Group.


Päätoimija Group, the predecessor of Lehto Group, was founded in 2008 to develop more affordable construction methods.

In 2008, Päätoimija acquired Rakennusliike Lehto Oy, which had introduced a more affordable construction method for business premises during 2007.

Takuuelementti Oy was founded in 2009 in Humppila to manufacture roof elements.

Päätoimija’s business volume grew significantly after the company acquired Rakennuskartio and its subsidiaries in 2010.



Päätoimija begins to develop innovative technological construction solutions in order to boost affordable building production.

In 2011, Päätoimija acquired a majority share in Rakennusliike Koivukoski Oy.

Päätoimija established its largest offices in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region in 2011.

In 2012, Päätoimija founded OptimiKodit Oy to handle neighbourhood construction.

A production facility focussing on building technology modules was established in Merijärvi in 2013.



In the spring of 2014, the first residential building utilising a patented construction innovation was completed in Hakunila, Vantaa.

Lehto completed, for example, a 40-million-euro Prisma hypermarket, a mini-IKEA in Jyväskylä, and achieved a turnover of 275 million euros in 2015.

Five national customers in the care sector.

High demand for affordable housing has clearly increased the production of small and medium-sized apartments.


Päätoimija updated its brand to Lehto Group in February 2016.

Lehto carried out its Initial Public Offering in April 2016. Trading in the company’s shares on the pre-list of the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd commenced on 28 April 2016.

Element and module production plant in Oulainen was started up.

Lehto hired approximately 300 people during the year.

The Group’s net sales for January–December grew to EUR 361.8 million.


Added element capacity for factories in Ii.

Lehto expanded its operations to Sweden.

Planning of new factory in Oulainen begins

VTT granted a certificate to Lehto’s Technical Studio (module)

Lehto kicks off its first day care centre projects in Sweden


Lehto expands its factory capacity and buys a 20,000 m² factory in Hartola

Lehto Raha service is launched for homebuyers

Lehto breaks its housing sales record: more than 250 residential units sold

Lehto announces the reorganisation of its building renovation services

The Lehto Total service package comprising plumbing renovations and complementary building is launched