Reinventing the construction business as the creator and implementor of innovative service and product concepts that emphasise efficiency

Lehto Group is a Finnish construction sector group that focuses its operation in the utilisation of the economically driven construction model it has developed. In economically driven construction, the implementation and design processes have been integrated in order to achieve cost benefits.

The construction innovations developed by Lehto are based on a modular implementation method that brings about not only cost benefits but also better construction quality. Through its modular operating model, Lehto is able to offer its customers a rapid and effortless process under the turn-key principle, from design to implementation.

The professionals at Lehto have decades of experience in the construction and renovation of business premises, apartments, care sector facilities and other public buildings.

The turnover for 2018 was 721.5 million euros. The company has fourteen offices in Finland, with its headquarters located in Kempele.

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The Lehto values

Our business is profitable and guided by a cost-conscious approach. We strive towards our goals and take responsibility for our tasks.

We seize new opportunities with enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit. We develop common construction practices and outperform average industry growth.

Our economically driven operating model guarantees a high quality of design and construction. We are a reliable partner for all of our interest groups.

Our operations are always based on customer needs. We bring significant time and cost benefits to our customers in line with our customer promise.

Everybody has the right to meaningful tasks as a respected member of the work community, while enjoying a supportive work atmosphere.