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Healthcare II has agreed on the acquisition of eight new care sector properties.

The Healthcare II fund of Northern Horizon Capital has signed an agreement on the acquisition of eight care sector properties. Esperi Care Oy will be the leaseholder of these properties, which will be constructed by Rakennusliike Lehto Oy.

The properties will be constructed in Loviisa, Kouvola, Säkylä, Ylöjärvi, Äänekoski, Kuusamo, Rovaniemi and Muhos. Construction has already begun at some of the properties, and will be mainly completed during the latter half of 2016. The total floor area of the buildings is almost 10,000 m2, and they will house over 250 senior citizens.

Rakennusliike Lehto Oy’s Social Care and Educational Premises unit is a major and active builder of care sector properties. Lehto builds properties on a nation-wide scale. Following the HVT concept, Lehto produces excellent, functional and high-quality premises for the users, where both the provision of care services and, first and foremost, the comfort of the resident have been brought to the forefront. Following the concept enables the production of the properties in the lowest time on the market without compromising quality. “The business partnership with Esperi and Northern Horizon Capital works well and reliably. The premises now constructed represent the current state of the art in the industry”, says CBO Tuomo Mertaniemi.

Esperi Care Oy is a nationwide care sector company that offers home-like housing services for the to meet the changing needs of its customers. Esperi is constantly developing new, increasingly diverse housing and support models for the elderly, mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation patients, and the developmentally challenged. The home-like nursing homes offer individual, safe and rehabilitating housing services. “Our co-operation with Rakennusliike Lehto and Northern Horizon Capital has been straightforward, and this co-operation concept enables us to offer an even higher quality of housing and services to our customers”, rejoices Marja Aarnio-Isohanni, the Managing Director of Esperi.

“We have been in close co-operation with Esperi Care Oy for a long while now, and we are very happy to be able to jointly realise this care sector property portfolio. Rakennusliike Lehto Oy is also a familiar actor from many joint care sector property development projects. With the Healthcare II fund, the role of Northern Horizon Capital in investments focussing on care sector properties in Finland has become even larger”, says Fund Manager Jussi Rouhento.

Northern Horizon Capital has been investing in Finnish care sector properties from 2007, and Healthcare II is our second fund investing in this segment. During the last year, the fund has made several care sector property acquisitions and developed new properties. In the future, we will make several more acquisitions and continue the development of care sector properties. Northern Horizon Capital operates as an active real estate investor and is constantly looking for new investments that suit its investment strategy.

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Jussi Rouhento, Head of Finland & Fund Manager Healthcare II

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Andreas Michelsson, Co-Fund Manager Healthcare II

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Tuomo Mertaniemi, CBO, Rakennusliike Lehto Oy Social Care and Educational Premises

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Marja Aarnio-Isohanni, Managing Director, Esperi Care Oy

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