Financial data

Group key figures

31 December
2016  2015 2014 2013
audited audited audited
Net sales, million euros  361.8 275.6 171.1 113.4
Net sales, change from the previous year (%) 31.3% 61.1% 50.8% -0.4%
Operating profit, million euros 40.4 27.2 5.8 9.2
Operating profit, as % of net sales 11.2% 9.9% 3.4% 8.1%
Profit or loss for the financial year, million euros 31.9 21.2 4.1 6.7
Profit or loss for the financial year, as % of net sales  8.8% 7.7% 2.4% 5.9%
Cash flow from operating activities, million euros 8.3 21.3 -8.1 5.0
Order book, million euros (unaudited) 309.1 195.0 173.4 98.4
Balance sheet total, million euros 258.7 137.6 99.1 58.3
Return on equity (ROE), % 42.8% 85.1% 25.6% 51.7% 1)
Return on investments (ROI), % 44.5% 66.5% 21.6% 49.0% 1)
Equity ratio, % 60.4% 37.2% 27.3% 40.7% 1)
Net gearing ratio, % -44.2% -22.9% 50.9% -16.2% 1)

1) The 2014 financial statements have been adjusted for the sale of non-controlling interests attributable to the reference year 2013. The 2013 figures in this respect are unaudited adjusted comparative data.

Long-term financial targets

Lehto Group strives for profitable growth on the housing, business premises, social care and educational premises, and building renovation markets. Lehto Group seeks to maintain its strong financial position also in the future.


  • Annual growth of net sales 10-20% on average
  • Operating profit 10% of net sales on average
  • Equity ratio minimum 35%
  • Dividend distribution 30-50% of the net profit for the year

The financial goals of Lehto Group contain forward-looking statements which are based on Lehto Group’s understanding and opinions and assumptions based on Lehto Group’s current knowledge. Forward-looking statements contain known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other important factors owing to which the Company’s future result, operations, achievement and the result of the line of business may deviate significantly from the explicit or implicit results, operations, achievements and results of the line of business stated in the forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and other important factors include risks related to the execution of the Company strategy and the availability of financing, general economical situation and market situation and other risks associated with the general operating environment, the Company’s line of business and business operations. The forward-looking statements are not guarantees on the future operating or financial performance of the Company.

The Company’s ability to reach its financial targets depends on many risks and uncertainties. There is no certainty regarding whether the Company will be able to reach its financial targets or maintain such financial targets, should they be reached.