Service areas

Lehto Group has divided its operations into three service areas:

Business Premises: Retail premises, logistics premises, light industry premises, as well as office and other premises. The Company constructs business premises nationwide.

Housing: Apartment blocks, balcony access blocks, terraced houses, area construction andplumbing renovations. In housing construction, the main focus is the Helsinki Metropolitan area and selected regional growth centres.

Social Care and Educational Premises: Care homes for senior citizens and special needs groups, assisted living facilities, as well as day care centres and schools. The Company constructs social care and educational premises nationwide.

In addition Lehto Group manufactures proprietary building elements and modules mainly for its own use. The production facilities manufacture e.g. load-bearing large roof elements, combined kitchen and bathroom modules, bathroom modules, apartment elements, building technology centres, and in the future also wall elements, windows and riser elements for plumbing renovation.

Distribution of Lehto Group’s net sales by service area (2018)