Logistics and Warehouse Centres

Logistics and Warehouse Centres

Our economically driven construction model is eminently suitable for the construction of logistics and warehouse centres requiring resistance to heavy wear. It keeps schedules and budgets under control and ensures that the competitiveness of your business is not compromised by the decision to acquire new business premises.

Lehto built large logistics centre to Hub logistics

A logistics and warehouse centre that fulfils your goals

Straightforward project execution

You will sign one clear contract with us. We take on the responsibility so that your role is made easier.

Efficient construction

We take advantage of the production operations of our domestic factories in our construction projects. The use of prefabricated roof elements, for example, enables us to have the building quickly protected from the weather conditions and it also increases the efficiency of the on-site construction stages.

Driven by the needs of your business

The requirements of you and your business are essential. We take all of the pertinent issues into consideration, from spatial solutions to the safety and efficiency of indoor and outdoor traffic as well as functional shelf spacing.

This is how we do it

One contract

The one contract principle makes your project clear and straightforward.

Fixed price

Lehto wants to keep budgets under control. The price of your project is fixed and you do not have to worry about excess expenses and loose budgets.

Move in on the agreed date

Keeping to the agreed time frame is a matter of pride for us. We finish our projects on schedule.

Content and quality as agreed

The scope of the contract and the content of the delivery is accurately known by both parties.

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We understand the functional requirements associated with these types of premises

Our extensive experience in the construction of warehouses and logistics facilities means that we understand the functional requirements associated with these types of premises. We engage in dialogue with the customer to understand their objectives and create added value through the experience we have accumulated over the years. The end result is a solution with excellent visual, functional and construction engineering characteristics. Achieving a reasonable cost level is also a key focus area in our development activities.

We are able to start projects quickly – in part due to our standardised Kirittäjä concept for planning and design – and we also take advantage of the prefabrication operations of Lehto’s domestic production plants in our construction activities. This enables us to move many work stages from the construction site to a production plant, sheltered from the weather, and the efficiency of on-site construction is considerably improved.

Lehto built the major DSV logistics centre Vantaa

Centralising design and construction pays off

Lehto’s economically driven and innovative approach to construction is based on integrated planning, design and implementation. Compared to the traditional models, this represents a more modern approach to construction, and it offers clear advantages to our customers.

When planning, design and implementation are all in the same hands, it is easier to manage the budget and schedule. Traditionally in the construction industry, designs are created separately from the final implementation processes, which tends to lead to delays in schedules and higher costs.

At Lehto, we believe that as much as 80% of the costs of construction are determined in the planning and design stages. This is why we want to take full responsibility for our projects from start to finish.

“Lehto presented several solutions that enabled us to control the costs of our investment. The project progressed on schedule and met our quality expectations. The project was effectively managed from start to finish and the partnership was smooth. Our new premises support our business and help our company succeed.”
– Arno van Berlo, Senior Manager, Group Property DSV ROAD BV

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