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Moisture performance of Lehto’s Technical Studio ensured with VTT product certificate

In October, VTT Expert Services Ltd granted Lehto Group’s Technical Studio (module) a VTT product certificate VTT-C-12167-17 as an accredited product certifier. This certificate covers the moisture performance of the Technical Studio wet room.

Technical Studio is a prefabricated wet room manufactured at Lehto’s own factories for use in residential buildings. It is installed separately during the structural frame phase of construction. Technical Studio comprises the bathroom and kitchen of the residential unit.

It is built on a 20 cm-thick concrete slab. Fixtures are installed on top of the slab using light wood-frame walls. The wet room includes a panel ceiling. Waterproofing of the floor and walls is implemented with a liquid waterproofing system and the surfaces are tiled with ceramic. Electrical, water, sewer and ventilation connections are preinstalled in the wet room, along with floor heating, for instance, as specified in the plans. Sound insulation is implemented in accordance with the requirements set for the residence. Finally, fixtures, cupboards and other fittings are selected for Technical Studio in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

“The certification process confirmed that our Technical Studios fulfil the moisture regulations and guidelines of the National Building Code of Finland. Thanks to this, both the authorities and home buyers will be more confident in our product. The certificate also demonstrates that we can build to a high standard of quality cost effectively,” says Pasi Kokko, Executive Vice President, Housing at Lehto Group.

“VTT product certification is a voluntary process that enables a company to demonstrate that its product fullfil Finnish requirements and, if necessary, foreign requirements as well. The certificate presents the product requirements and indicates the product characteristics that has been verified with test results or calculations.

To be eligible for a VTT product certificate, the manufacturer must engage in quality control to ensure that all the produced products meet the requirements. In addition, VTT Expert Services Ltd carries out annual inspections to check that the quality control measures in production have been performed and documented appropriately,” says Lina Markelin-Rantala from VTT Expert Services Ltd.

The certificate will remain valid until 2022 provided that the manufacturer maintains its quality control.

Further information:

Lehto Group Plc / Lehto Housing
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Development Manager
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VTT Expert Services Ltd
Lina Markelin-Rantala
Product Manager, Lead Auditor
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