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PPO invests five million euros in Päätoimija

The co-operative PPO invests five million euros in Päätoimija. Päätoimija will use the funds invested by PPO particularly in concentrating the majority of Päätoimija’s industrial production in new production machines and facilities to be located in PPO’s area of operations. This will likely create as many as 50 new jobs in Northern Ostrobothnia. The actual location of the factory will be confirmed by the end of the year.

“We have been having negotiations with policymakers in Raahe and Oulainen, for example”, says Asko Myllymäki, CBO of Päätoimija.

Kati Peltomaa, Managing Director of PPO, says that this is the largest investment made by PPO thus far.

“We have plenty of faith and trust. Päätoimija’s previous accounting periods show tremendous growth, although the construction sector is going to another direction. We are a regional investor and aim to ensure that the investments keep and also create new jobs”, Peltomaa says.

“Our success is based on a business managed construction model, focussing on the customer’s needs and meeting them with cost-effective planning and construction. We are making general construction practices more efficient, allowing us to create significant savings in time and costs for our customers”, says Hannu Lehto, Managing Director of Päätoimija.

“Business managed high-quality construction has gained the trust of customers nation-wide, which is a great acknowledgement of our work”, rejoices Asko Myllymäki.