As Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Harjanne

In 2016, Lehto constructed the housing company As Oy Viikinmäen Harjanne on the rugged cliffs of Viikki with stunning forest views over Helsinki. There is also a view to the beautiful green waters of the Vaantaanjoki river from the rocky cliffs.

We have constructed apartments in the rocky Viikinmäki area, covering four plots in total. As Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Harjanne is one of them. Two balcony access blocks and one terraced house were constructed on the plot, with one-room and two-room flats in the balcony access blocks and three-room flats in the terraced house. There are 23 apartments in the housing company in total.

All the one-room apartments in the company have 33 square metres and the two-room apartments have 43.4 square metres – thanks to this standard size the duplicative and reproductive qualities of the solutions offer a great quality-price ratio. The new owners of the apartments had the chance to choose the surface materials.

The location on top of the cliffs was taken into consideration in the design of the building. As Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Harjanne was constructed in about 12 months. The size differences in the three-room apartments are not significant either because the floor area of the apartments varies between 70 and 73 square metres. All of the apartments have a balcony with a magnificent view.

As Oy Viikinmäen Harjanne stands on top of a very steep cliff, which made the construction work extra challenging. The altitude variation was quite significant which made this construction site problematic. The buildings had to be graded in order to level them evenly. The challenges in the construction phase were rewarded, on the other hand, with magnificent views in a peaceful area and Lehto’s detailed construction choices which led to something so unique that every single apartment was sold already during the construction phase.

Nature Close to Heart and Resident

Viikinmäen Harjanne is close to nature. The Maarianmaanpuisto which the Viikinmäki residents use as a recreational area is located next to the housing company. Helsinki’s most important nature destination Viikki-Vanhankaupunginlahti nature conservation area is also nearby. Every year, over 30 bird species requiring special protection specified by the EU’s Birds Directive nest – or rest – in the area.

Viikki’s arboretum, which is a 20-hectare tree species park, is less than 30 minutes walk away and lets the residents get even closer to nature.


  • Ristiretkeläistenkatu 1, Helsinki
  • 2016
    Year finished
  • Lehto Asunnot Oy
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