Ideapark, Seinäjoki

Lehto built Finland’s third Ideapark shopping centre in Seinäjoki. Construction began in June 2018 and the shopping centre opened in November 2019. With a total area exceeding seven hectares, the shopping centre will also house an indoor activity park and a day-care centre.

Built in the Jouppi district of Seinäjoki, the new Ideapark is twice the size of Ideapark Oulu and has twice as much retail space. The shopping centre is the largest project Lehto has ever completed. The implementation of the project was led by a young and hard-working organisation. The project achieved a good balance of profitability and quality.


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Agility and cost-efficiency through in-house industrial manufacturing

Lehto’s economically driven approach to construction enabled a high degree of efficiency for the project. Our in-house modular production makes construction more agile and cost-efficient. The large roof elements for Ideapark were built from wood at Lehto’s production plant in Humppila. A total of 1,132 roof elements were used to build the shopping centre.

The frame of the building consists of a steel frame and a steel column, beam and lattice structure. The exterior walls are built using sandwich metal elements. The excavation work was carried out diligently, with some 200,000 tonnes of crushed stone used and about 3,500 piles driven into the ground, with a total length of approximately 54,000 metres.

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The final outcome is a satisfied customer, profitable project and high quality with a zero-defect delivery. The use of information modelling was an important aspect of the Ideapark project. Focused on affordability, high quality and speed, the concept represents an effective approach to construction and results in satisfied customers.

Facts about Ideapark Seinäjoki

  • When completed, the shopping and entertainment centre will have a total area of approximately seven hectares
  • The building is 400 metres long and 200 metres wide.
  • 100 shops representing various sectors.
  • 15,000 m3 of concrete, 2,000,000 kg of steel and 5,000 m3 of wood was used to build the shopping centre.

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