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Pipeline renovation specialist


Pipeline renovation comprises the renovation of the entire plumbing system of the property.

We are one of the largest pipeline renovation contractors in the Greater Helsinki area. We have completed a pipeline renovation in almost 3,000 apartments.

The content of the pipeline renovation is always planned according to the individual needs of the housing company. In addition to traditional pipeline renovations, we also perform so-called hybrid renovations, where the sewer lines are refurbished on the inside. Bathrooms, sauna rooms and lavatories are often renovated in connection with a pipeline renovation. Cost savings are achieved through serial work. We carry out plumbing renovations using mainly our own resources. We have shortened the line-specific and overall schedules of the renovations by utilising prefabricated components.

Pipeline renovation as a turnkey project

We also contract pipeline renovations under the turnkey principle. In a turnkey contracting project, we assume the overall responsibility for the project. In this contract model, the contractor is responsible for planning the project in addition to completing it, allowing the customer to order the pipeline renovation with a single contract. A project manager assigned to the renovation is involved from the contract negotiations to the final briefing and acts as the contact person throughout the project.

A turnkey project enables the total cost of the plumbing renovation to be reduced by as much as 20 to 30 per cent. Furthermore, this contact model enables significant time savings. The turnkey contract model is very beneficial to a customer who values an easy and flexible renovation, a clear division of responsibilities, and affordable overall costs. Due to the jointly agreed schedule and the fixed budget, it is easy for the housing company to acquire financing for the pipeline renovation at favourable terms.