One, two, three.
One contract, fixed price, appointed move-in date.

Increased productivity through new facilities

We understand the efficiency and logistics requirements of industrial production. We always design the space arrangement based on the needs of the customer’s production – to support and serve it efficiently and economically.

Thanks to our economically driven construction method, we can give our customer a good boost in increasing their business. By letting us handle the construction as a turnkey project, our customers wish to ensure the optimal use of cost-effective solutions in the construction of facilities supporting their business operations.

“Our choice was greatly affected by Lehto assuming the overall responsibility for the construction project. This allowed us to concentrate on our own business. Lehto’s operations were flexible, and our facilities were completed precisely in schedule. The agreed price held to the end, and there were no sudden extra costs.” Rauno Vennola, Terra-Team Oy.

During the design and planning stage, we will familiarise ourselves with the customer’s production methods and their inherent requirements. We take into consideration, for example, decibel limitations, lighting, site-specific dust extraction, pressurised air systems, occupational health and safety, ergonomics, and smooth logistics.

We have constructed production facilities for the following companies, for example: Sten & Kimet, Camtronic, Westronic, Premec, Auramo & Bolzini, SSAB, KW-Components, Koneselkä, Fincoat, Helsingin Levytyö, Pyhännän Rakennustuote, JMC Engine, Tekniseri, and Salvos.