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In addition to our fully individualised business premises, we also offer a selection of designs for small business premises.

Trade, Worker or Manager? Would you like to have business premises with a gabled roof or a reinforced floor in the work hall, with three conference rooms or perhaps with six lift doors? 500 or 5,000 square metres?

The Koivukoski business premise portfolio includes several pre-planned modification options that you can choose to make your business premises individual, functional and sensibly priced.

1. Attractive outside appearance

We can make your premises individual by emphasising the main entrance with the colours and logo of your company. You can also choose from various inviting entrances and doors, gates and canopies with their extra accessories.

2. Solid basics

The foundations of your business premises are either ground bearing or piled, and the structure is either heated or semi-heated. The frame is standard (laminated wood), your roof is a pent roof with one pane or a gently sloping gabled roof, and the foundation wall reaches either 300 mm, 500 mm or 900 mm above ground level. The wall elements are standard (sheet metal sandwich), but you decide the colour. With the help of our professionals, naturally.

3. Pleasant indoors

Let us design your business premises from the ground up to serve the needs of your company with its structures and surfaces – let us build premises where both the employees and the customers are comfortable. All of our models include offices, break rooms and staff facilities.

Trader retail premises from EUR 999,000.

All business premises have lift doors. The high window groups of the main facade let in the natural light. Eye-catching product presentations and decorations can be built behind the windows, or you can apply promotional stickers on them, if you wish.

TRADER1500 in the sample picture

A single-operator compact retail building with plenty of separate storage space. Can also be placed on a small lot, maximising the size of the parking area.

Worker production facilities from EUR 569,000

Worker production facilities feature a reinforced work hall floor. The Worker can also be easily constructed for several operators.

WORKER600 in the sample picture

A handy single-users production facility with the main entrance and the lift doors in the same facade. The work hall has two lift doors. The office, break room and staff facilities are located at the end of the building.

Manager logistics premises from EUR 949,000

Manager offers functional logistics on comfortable premises. The model includes several lift doors.

MANAGER4000 in the sample picture

Fantastic logistics premises with six lift doors. There is a two-storey office, break room and staff facility block on the first floor at the end of the building.

Delivery contents

You can also choose the extensive delivery from us under the turnkey principle: we will also handle the earthworks including the design and implementation. All you need to do is to acquire the necessary civil engineering subscriptions and a possible building supervisor, tracking the project via our Omaraksa service – or maybe just to move onto the finished premises.

In the basic delivery content, the customer is responsible for the preparation of the lot and earthworks: the civil engineering connections to the building, excavation work until to the foundation level, the structural layer and surfacing of the yard, and other yard work.

We are happy to visit you and tell you more.

Customer cases

Pohjaset Oy, Valiontie 8, Keminmaa. Business premises

We constructed five repair shop bays for heavy vehicles, storage space and office and conference rooms for Pohjaset Oy.

WetteriPower Oy’s lorry repair shop now operates on the premises. Although the construction was challenging due to the winter time, we stayed in schedule and the customer was satisfied.

Askola Areena Oy, Linnankoskentie 61, Askola. Multi-purpose hall

We constructed a multi-purpose hall in Askola for the use of all residents of the municipality.

Although the pile-driving work proved to be challenging and there were last-minute changes, we did not modify the schedule but completed the project ahead of schedule.

Lohjan Autotalo Oy, Lehmijärventie 5, Lohja. Business premises

We participated in this construction project at the design stage. We kept the schedule and met the budget in accordance with the requirements of the customer, and the new grand business premises were opened to the customers in April 2015.

GoWash Oy Ristipellontie 13, Helsinki. Car wash

We constructed modern car wash facilities for GoWash Oy in Konala. Car wash services are produced with high-performance equipment, on three automatic washing lanes at speeds of up to 90 vehicles per hour. The customer is satisfied.

Forever Järvenpää Oy, Wärtsilänkatu 8 B, Järvenpää. Multi-purpose hall 2,500 m2

We constructed versatile gym and group exercise facilities for Forever Järvenpää Oy. In addition to traditional fitness premises, we constructed warm Hot Yoga rooms and comprehensive sauna facilities. There is a lift between the floors making the activities easier. The property was completed in accordance with the wishes of the customer, and the customer was able to start using the premises according to the plan.

Astrum Vene- ja Autotalo Helsinki Oy, Ahertajantie 1, Pornainen. Business premises / service and warehouse hall

We constructed service and washing halls for a customer in Pornainen, allowing the handling of boats weighing up to 15 tons. A total of 2,000 square metres of heated hall space enables the storage of larger vessels as well.

Puuilo Oy, Pauketie 2, Oulu. Business premises

We found a lot for the customer with excellent travel connections, and construction began in late May 2015. Despite the tight schedule, the project was completed in schedule by the end of October., Pauketie 2, Oulu. Business premises

We constructed stylish business premises for the customer in a visible location right next to the motorway. Despite the tight schedule, the premises were handed over to the use of the customer in accordance with the plan. The construction project was implemented cost-effectively without compromising quality.

Ramirent Finland Oy, Moreenitie 12, Oulu. Office and customer premises / expansion of warehouse and maintenance areas

We constructed a new main building for the customer, successfully connected to the existing warehouse hall in accordance with the customer’s wishes. The main building was constructed in accordance to the plans, and a lift was also installed between the floors. The customer was able to continue its business operations on the property throughout the entire project.

Tuontitukku Oy, Merenojantie 8, Kalajoki. Retail premises

We first constructed retail premises for the customer, and after two years, a need to expand storage space arose, and a warehouse hall was connected to the building. The construction projects, completed in schedule, did not hinder the customer’s business operations; vice versa: the new retail premises have helped the customer to increase its business.