One, two, three.
One contract, fixed price, appointed move-in date.

Build your brand with business premises

The business premises of a company are a visible part of the company’s look and brand. A functional space arrangement and a comfortable working environment build an excellent foundation for effective working and well-being at work!

“The construction project of my client has been handled with high quality and in schedule. Co-operation with the on-site personnel has been smooth and it has been meaningful. Things have been handled as agreed, and the customer has been commendably kept up to date on the progress of the work.” Timo Halonen, developer consultant.

The modifiability and versatility of office space are found on the wish list of an increasing number of our customers. After a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs, it is easy for the architect to take the customer’s wishes and the requirements of the premises into consideration already during the design stage.

The functional and comfortable business premises supporting the company’s operations and brand are always designed based on the customer’s needs. Good sound insulation, powerful ventilation and stylish decor provide a comfortable and effective backdrop for negotiations.

Our references for office and corporate premises include Tieto, Softpolis, Oulun seudun sähkö, Lentoasemakiinteistöt, SAH, Drive in Center, Tuontitukku, Arctic Truck, Ramirent, Tuontiyhtiö, Elkris, and Forenom.