One, two, three.
One contract, fixed price, appointed move-in date.

Business is good on functional premises

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We have already constructed hundreds of commercial buildings using our economically driven construction method: one agreement, fixed price, agreed move-in date. In economically driven construction, we manage the entire process from planning to final cleaning with an ironclad routine. Customer satisfaction is matter close to our heart!

“Our co-operation with Lehto has always gone so well that it could not go any better,” says Heino Pekkarinen who has developed several properties. Please contact us, and let us make your project another success story.

Review our references, schedule a meeting with us and ask for a quote – the decision-making package for your construction project will always be clear and affordable. Our service network covers the entire Finland.

Large projects stay under control

The customer benefits of Lehto’s economically driven construction method shine in large projects, where keeping to schedule and the budget, and the high quality of construction play a particularly important role.

“Lehto completed the construction project cost-effectively and in a very tight schedule. Co-operation with all of their people was seamless. I can heartily recommend them!” Petri Häli, shopping centre manager at Ideapark Oulu.

With Lehto’s turnkey construction project, the customer can be sure that even a large project will stay under control and be successful. A detailed and functional plan and a successful end result are sealed with a single agreement.

We have already completed several major construction projects successfully. We constructed the fifth largest shopping centre in Finland in Matkus, Kuopio, for the Swedish Ikano. We have constructed several concept stores annually for Prisma department stores, and an extremely popular Ideapark shopping centre in Oulu, which saw over 500,000 customer visits in its first month!

Companies that have relied on us include Ideapark, Ikano, Prisma, Motonet, Halpa-Halli, K-Rauta, Byggmax, Tokmanni, Kamux, Wetteri, Puuilo, S-Market, Rautia, Lidl, Delta-Auto, Sports Car Center, ABC, K-Market, Masku, Euromaster. And many more leading companies in their fields.