Functional and efficient.
And also beautiful – according to clients' wishes.

New apartments in the best locations

We build owner-occupied and rental apartments in growth and provincial centres in the best locations. The Greater Helsinki Area is an important focus area of ours. Durable and beautiful architecture, desirable living solutions, visually pleasing apartments and interior design that has been thought through – those are our goals to best benefit the owners and residents.

We create comfortable living environments through area construction. A good price–quality ratio is important both to us and to our customers. The utilisation of the patented method we have developed and our design protected solutions will guarantee that we will be able to build with high quality and up to 10% below market prices.

Due to our extensive experience, we are able to manage even the largest projects, standardise our work methods and develop our economically driven construction model – with the result of more satisfied customers and end users.

Customer cases

Asunto Oy Helsingin Alppitähti, Reppukatu 13, Helsinki. Balcony access block.

We constructed 19 non-subsidised, affordably priced owner-occupied apartments. The planning principle for the area was urban construction as well as  vibrant and vivid urban environment.

The great artificial hill, Alppikylä Peak, will remain the major recreational area in addition to the parks. The diverse services and outdoor activities of Viikki are also located nearby.

Asunto Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Huippu, Ristiretkeläistenkatu 3-5, Helsinki. Terraced house and a balcony access block.

Asunto Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Huippu comprises a total of 38 apartments in terraced houses and balcony accessblocks. We are building a residential area that fits the special terrain features of Viikinmäki and consisting of unique details.

The picturesque hiking trails along the Vantaanjoki River are directly accessible from Viikinmäki.