Functional and efficient.
And also beautiful – according to clients' wishes.

High quality at an affordable price

You can get a new apartment from us at a price that is up to 10% below average.

Affordable price, easy construction, high quality, desirable solutions!

Our advanced KIS construction concept has made the construction of blocks of flats significantly faster and more cost effective – without compromising living quality or comfort.

Our affordable apartments are among the most wanted on the market. Despite our strict concept, we construct apartments that are of a very high quality. With our numerous superior standardised solutions, we stand out amongst the common construction practices of the industry as a shining example.

We are also a long-term trusted partner of apartment investors. A large part of the hundreds of affordable high-quality apartments we build annually are sold as entire block of flats properties. Why wouldn’t you invest in small, high-quality and profit generating apartments – we will calculate a fixed and lean price for you in two weeks!