Functional and efficient.
And also beautiful – according to clients' wishes.

High quality at an affordable price

You can get a new apartment from us at a price that is up to 10% below average.

Affordable price, easy construction, high quality, desirable solutions!

Our advanced KIS construction concept has made the construction of blocks of flats significantly faster and more cost effective – without compromising living quality or comfort.

Our affordable apartments are among the most wanted on the market. Despite our strict concept, we construct apartments that are of a very high quality. With our numerous superior standardised solutions, we stand out amongst the common construction practices of the industry as a shining example.

We are also a long-term trusted partner of apartment investors. A large part of the hundreds of affordable high-quality apartments we build annually are sold as entire block of flats properties. Why wouldn’t you invest in small, high-quality and profit generating apartments – we will calculate a fixed and lean price for you in two weeks!

Customer cases

Asunto Oy Helsingin Alppitähti, Reppukatu 13, Helsinki. Balcony access block.

We constructed 19 non-subsidised, affordably priced owner-occupied apartments. The planning principle for the area was urban construction as well as  vibrant and vivid urban environment.

The great artificial hill, Alppikylä Peak, will remain the major recreational area in addition to the parks. The diverse services and outdoor activities of Viikki are also located nearby.

Asunto Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Huippu, Ristiretkeläistenkatu 3-5, Helsinki. Terraced house and a balcony access block.

Asunto Oy Helsingin Viikinmäen Huippu comprises a total of 38 apartments in terraced houses and balcony accessblocks. We are building a residential area that fits the special terrain features of Viikinmäki and consisting of unique details.

The picturesque hiking trails along the Vantaanjoki River are directly accessible from Viikinmäki.