Top-notch design
provides everyday comfort and safety for everyone.

Safe living independently and comfortably

Nursing homes for seniors and groups with special needs. Stimulation and security in a homelike environment.

Our new offering for senior, mental health, developmental disability and child protection premises offers plenty from which to choose: from small, fifteen-bed units to solutions for up to one hundred customers. The details of the nursing homes have been designed to increase the safety and comfort of the staff and the residents. The spacious and bright common areas provide excellent opportunities for stimulating and pleasant activities.

Assisted living facilities. Independent, supported living in your own apartment.

The space arrangements and functions of the assisted living facilities have been designed for ease of use and support for everyday activities – without forgetting comfort! We construct comprehensively equipped assisted living facilities in the vicinity of nursing homes or corresponding services. Assisted living facilities enable their residents to live as independently as possible, with all functions clear and safe to use. Assisted living facilities also enable business activities and service provisions for the comfort and needs of the residents.