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Hospital hotels. Places to rest for short periods, and savings to health care costs

Hospital hotels built close to treatment units can be used by the patients and their relatives. Everyday life becomes easier when one can find a place to rest in the vicinity. Hospital hotels reduce the operating costs of hospitals significantly and make the use of the hospitals more efficient.

We design the hospital hotels for use around the clock. Unobstructed movement between the treatment unit and the hospital hotel makes life easier during treatment periods. Homelike design solutions and sound-insulated walls guarantee a peaceful rest, while the locking and automation systems increase the safety of the accommodation. The hospital hotels also often offer restaurant/cafeteria and reception services around the clock.

Health centres. Modern and individual premises for health care.

Challenge us to construct a modern health centre with high quality, rapidly and cost-effectively. We listen to the users very closely when designing the space arrangements. Smooth interaction between the nursing staff and the customers forms the basis of the design. The durability of the structures and surface materials is ensured already during the design phase. With modern technology, the technical management of the finished premises is easy – also remotely.