Wooden apartment buildings

The cities of the future will be built of wood

"Ecological, high-quality, affordable housing"

"In the construction industry, there are many challenges to tackle. Modularity, industrial prefabrication, the use of wood as a raw material, and innovative solutions in concrete construction address these challenges. Our customers, society, and the climate require solutions that are simultaneously ecological, high-quality, and affordable."


Lehto #forebuilder

Lehto Group is a Finnish construction
and real estate group. 

Our company is reinventing construction and aims to improve the productivity of the industry, which has remained flat for a long time. Thereby, we seek to create customer benefits and added value for both our customers.

Our mission is to be 
a forebuilder of a better tomorrow



Net sales 2022:
344.8 MEUR

664 (end of the year)

2 production facilities


Products and services

The company has divided its operations
into two service areas: Housing and
Business Premises.

In the Housing service area, we build apartment buildings using wood and concrete. In addition, we are in the care home construction business.

In Business Premises service area builds premises, e.g. for the needs of industry, storage and logistics. In addition, we build hall-like commercial buildings, sports halls and selectively multipurpose buildings.


Our competitive edge

Lehto continued to stand out from its
competitors through its utilisation of modularity
and industrial prefabrication. In addition,
the company has its own design office,
which is not typical of ordinary resourcing in the industry. Lehto harnesses them to further develop business operations that enable scalability. These strategic choices open up opportunities to improve profitability in the construction sector and to engage in business that serves the environment.

Forrunner in modular wooden apartment buildings

The Housing service area
builds apartment buildings using wood and concrete in Finnish growth centres.

In particular, the company seeks to increase the share accounted for by modular and industrially prefabricated wood construction. Demand for wooden apartment buildings is seeing strong growth.

Our company is a forerunner and a pioneer in modular, wooden apartment building.

Three important perspectives of our strategy

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Why wooden apartment building?

Lehto’s ecological wooden apartment building is a high-quality and cozy choice. Wooden apartment living combines the positive effects of wood. Spaces constructed with wood are cozy and have a warm ambiance. Thanks to professional design, the apartments feature functional and spacious layouts that feel roomy. Lehto’s wooden apartment sizes range from studios to larger units.


Price-Quality Ratio
We take great pride in our unique concept that enables us to offer our customers high-quality wooden apartment buildings at an affordable price. The innovative and efficient construction process of wooden apartment buildings ensures a high-quality result, a fast completion schedule, and delivery on the agreed-upon date.

An affordable wooden apartment building is a profitable, safe, durable, and environmentally friendly property and investment opportunity.

Wooden apartment buildings are designed to withstand Finland’s variable and sometimes quite challenging weather conditions. Wooden facades can endure freezing temperatures, scorching heat, and rain for at least a decade without maintenance.

Quality of Living and Safety
The indoor air quality in wooden apartment buildings is excellent. Wood itself is a breathable material, and thanks to Lehdo’s innovative concept, the construction process maintains an unbroken dry chain. A wooden apartment building is a healthy and comfortable living space where a cozy atmosphere is combined with modern architecture.

The carbon footprint of a wooden apartment building is smaller than that of a similar concrete building, both during the construction process and throughout the entire lifecycle of the building. Finnish forests produce the wood material needed for the construction of a wooden apartment building in less than a minute. So, we have an abundance of material, and what could be a more valuable use for wood than a beautiful, sustainable, and breathable residential building?

Innovative Construction Method
Lehto’s wood apartment building concept represents the future of wood construction in both its design and implementation. The efficient modular and industrial premanufacturing-based production method, developed after extensive research, ensures high-quality products for the buyer of an apartment or an entire apartment building at the most cost-effective price.

Construction megatrends

We have identified three important construction megatrends of the future that Lehto’s approach supports well: industrial manufacturing, digitalisation and ecology.

Industrial manufacturing

In the future, more phases of construction work will no longer be done on site, but at factories. Lehto is a Finnish pioneer in industrial prefabrication. We have the largest domestic factory capacity of our own. Carrying out construction work at factories enhances efficiency and also ensures a moisture-controlled production chain. One of the advantages of mass production is continuous quality improvement. However, mass production does not mean that our customers are unable to make choices that are important to them, such as in terms of interior design.


Digitalisating construction operations are part of our day-to-day operating model . These days, all projects are started up using information models. Lehto uses information models throughout the construction process, from design to construction. Thanks to this, those working in different roles can utilise real-time information during the entire project.


Lehto is interested in sustainable carbon-neutral construction and seeks to gradually move towards the carbon-neutral circular economy. Ecological construction currently revolves around Lehto’s wooden apartment building concept, in which the primary raw material is Finnish wood. The concept utilises industrial manufacturing, which supports the ideology of sustainable construction by reducing waste and loss. In addition, many projects company-wide make use of geothermal heat and other energy-efficiency solutions.

Industrial manufacturing

Lehto is also changing construction with the power of its industrial prefabricated production, and building using factory products is one of the cornerstones of Lehto’s operating model. We are transferring challenging phases of construction from sites to factories – indoors, where work is not at the mercy of the weather. Industrial prefabrication enables us to achieve cost and time benefits as well as to ensure quality from start to finish with our sustainable moisture-controlled chain.

Lehto manufactures a variety of building modules and elements at its own production facilities. Lehto has production facilities in Oulainen and Hartola.

The products manufactured for use in housing and business premises are: load-bearing large roof elements, combined kitchen and bathroom modules, bathroom modules, apartment elements, windows, and riser elements for pipeline renovations. Although Lehto primarily manufactures modules and elements in its factories for its own use, the company does engage in some external sales in this area.

The most extensively productised industrially manufactured product is Lehto’s wooden apartment building – the flats are made at the factory. The space elements, including their decor, are finished at the factory, after which they are installed on site.

Lehto’s factory products

Apartment elements

Lehto’s apartment elements are completely finished apartments manufactured on the assembly line. The completed apartments are installed on the construction site on top of prebuilt foundations. This improves the quality of construction, ensures a moisture-controlled process and reduces the construction time on site by almost a half compared to traditional construction. Apartment elements can be used to build 2–4 storey small apartment buildings. Apartment elements are produced at the Hartola factory.

Kitchen and bathroom modules

Kitchen and bathroom modules are mainly used in the construction of apartment buildings and care homes. The modules are manufactured under stringent quality control that ensures not only even quality, but also considerably better moisture control than in traditional construction. The use of modules also facilitates scheduling the construction site phase, which speeds up the completion of the properties and enables significant cost savings. The completed factory-made modules are lowered into the interior through the roof. ​

Large roof elements

Lehto’s large roof elements are manufactured at our Hartola factory. By using finished elements, we can install up to 1 500 m² of roof a day. Lehto’s large roof elements come equipped with lines for sprinkler systems, electricity wiring and installation rails, for example, according to the customer’s wishes.

Riser elements

The riser elements developed by Lehto considerably speed up the implementation of plumbing renovations and bring savings on overall costs to housing companies. Our stylish riser elements are manufactured at our factories under carefully monitored conditions. The use of riser elements reduces the space needed for new pipelines and ensures both uniform quality and top-class leakage security. It also considerably reduces the logistic challenges of the renovation. The riser elements contain a wide range of prefabricated technology, such as heating, water, drain and electricity rises.


We manufacture kitchens, bedroom and hallway closets, kitchen islands, and bathroom fixtures, for instance.

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Lehto is a forerunner of a better tomorrow. We are driven by the need to be ahead of our time and reinvent the construction industry – and in this way to generate value, a better tomorrow for our customers: high-quality, affordably-priced, fast and ecological construction. We create ingenious homes, successful business premises, functional care homes and schools.