Juuso Hietanen
appointed CEO
of Lehto Group Plc

A construction company that keeps costs down

Lehto Group Oyj is a Finnish construction company, established more than 20 years ago in Ostrobothnia. We are an innovative company and developer of the construction industry. The core of Lehto is economically driven construction, where everything is based on cost conscious design competence. We use products from our own factory, including innovative standard solutions such as kitchen-bathroom modules. Our factory production guarantees an improved dry supply chain and a more even quality of construction, compared to building on site.

Innovative construction solutions – from design to implementation

Homes for sale

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Homes for sale

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Lehto is a developer and trendsetter of economically driven construction.

We are an innovative and pioneering company in the construction industry. Our economically driven operating model makes construction more efficient, ensures the quality of construction and generates considerable time and cost advantages for customers.

We have updated the old, slow and expensive operating methods prevalent in the construction industry, and we have brought extra efficiency to the design and construction process by using new, innovative solutions that are suitable for serial production, such as modules and elements.

Economically driven construction