Lehto Group for investors

Webcast of the Half-Year Financial Report

Lehto is a Finnish construction and real estate group focused on improving productivity in construction to create added value for its customers and shareholders. The key factors in improving productivity are effective design management, the standardisation of operating methods and technical and operating solutions, and the industrial manufacturing in its factories regarding the structural elements requiring multiple work stages.

Lehto actively seeks to develop innovative solutions that will make construction more affordable, of higher quality, faster, and more ecological. To this end, the Company seeks to create commercially based products and operating models that will enable construction projects to be implemented in a standardised manner and using prefabricated components to the greatest possible extent. Its digital solutions aim to support the achievement of this objective.

The service areas of Lehto Group are Business Premises and Housing. The Group’s turnover for 2019 was EUR 667.7 million and operating result EUR -41.8 million or -6.3 per cent of the turnover. The company has ten offices in Finland, with its headquarters located in Kempele.

Investor relations

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