Investor relations

Investor relations principles

An important task in our investor relations policy is to assure correct, relevant and accurate information on the company and its business operations in order to establish the price formation of the financial instruments issued by the company. All information will be published as soon as possible and in a fair and equitable manner to all actors on the market.

The core principles of Lehto Group’s communications are honesty, transparency, consistency and equitability.

Our aim is also to increase interest in the company among both existing and new investors and analysts.

Lehto Group investor communications include preparing financial reports and presentations, maintaining and updating investor information on the company web page, stock exchange and press releases, analyst and media conferences, investor and analyst meetings as well as seminars. We are responsible for the daily communications with the capital markets. In order serve the capital market on high-quality level, we collect and analyze market information as well as feedback from analysts and investors for Lehto Group’s management and Board of Directors.

Lehto Group publishes all stock exchange releases in Finnish and English.

Lehto observes a 30 days silent period prior to the publication of financial results. During the silent period Lehto’s representatives do not meet with representatives of the capital markets, nor do they comment on issues related to the Company’s financial situation, market or future outlook.