Lehto Group as an investment

Information about the Company

Lehto Group is a Finnish construction and real estate group focusing on economically driven construction. Economically driven construction aims to increase the efficiency of general construction practices through strong design management and modular innovations, while creating significant time and cost benefits for customers and ensuring high quality construction. The Company’s mission is to be the innovator of the construction sector.

Implementation of modular construction innovations developed and manufactured by Lehto Group enables work stages traditionally performed on the construction site to be transferred to a partly automated production plant. This simplifies construction sites and improves construction quality and efficiency. Based on its efficient operating model, Lehto is able to offer its customers a rapid and effortless process under the turn-key principle, from design to implementation and in line with Lehto’s customer promise: one contract, a fixed price and an appointed move-in date.

The service areas of the Company are Business Premises and Housing. The Company offers construction services nationwide in Finland and is geographically focused on growth centres which represent a significant part of construction volume. The of Lehto Group headquarters is located in Kempele, Finland. The Company operates seven own production facilities: in Ii, Humppila, Hartola, Luohua and in three units in Oulainen.

Lehto Group’s turnover for 2019 was EUR 667.7 million and its operating result was EUR -41.8 million or -6.3 per cent of turnover. The number of personnel at the end of the financial year 2019 was 1 274.

Key strengths

Agile economically driven construction operating model. 1) Extensive expertise in project development, planning control and sales. 2) Customer-oriented operating method. 3) Proprietary innovations and production facilities manufacturing components and elements based on these innovations.

Strong entrepreneur-minded culture and fast decision making.

Operational efficiency supporting the continuation of profitable growth.