Auditor and internal auditing

According to Section 6 of the Company’s Articles of Association, an audit firm certified by the Finland Chamber of Commerce shall be elected as the company’s auditor. The auditor is elected by the Annual General Meeting of shareholders based on the proposition by the Board’s Audit committee. The auditor’s term of office shall expire at the end of the next Annual General Meeting following their election. KMPG Oy Ab, a firm of authorised public accountants, is acting as the Company’s auditor, with APA Pekka Alatalo as the principal auditor.

The auditor’s fee is paid according to an invoice approved by the Company. The fees can be found from Financial Statements and Notice of the Annual General Meeting.

The Company has no separate internal audit organisation. This is taken into account in the content and scope of the annual audit plan. On the one hand external auditing focuses on specific areas in different periods in turn to be audited, and on the other hand, on separately agreed priority areas.