Lehto Group Plc: Changes in Lehto Group Plc’s Executive Board

Lehto Group Plc
Stock exchange release
24 July 2023 at 10.00 a.m. (Finnish time)

Matti Kuronen

On 1 November 2023, Matti Kuronen (43), Master of Science in Engineering and Doctor of Technology, will start as a new member of Lehto Group Plc's Executive Board. His area of ​​responsibility in the company is the wood construction business. Matti Kuronen has a long career and experience in construction and management in both the private and public sectors. Along with business, he has successfully led various development projects related to the built environment. The appointment is intended to strengthen the role of wood construction in the company as a whole. Kuronen reports to CEO Juuso Hietanen.

In addition, in the current Executive Board, changes are made to the areas of responsibility aimed at strengthening the production and operational activities of the Housing business. Matti Koskela, EVP of Business Premises service area who is currently part of the Executive Board, will also take on operational responsibilities in the Housing business during the fall. Koskela has a long experience in residential construction, where he has worked for most of his career. The change prepares well in advance for the fact that Tero Karislahti, member of the Executive Board and EVP of the Housing service area, will leave the company at the end of 2023 to join another employer. Tero Karislahti will continue in his duties until the end of the year.

"With the changes related to the Executive Board, Lehto is strengthening both its operational housing production and the role of wood construction in the company. In this context, we would like to thank Tero Karislahti for his good work and warmly welcome Matti Kuronen, our new member of the Executive Board, to the team. With the support of Matti's long and extensive experience and exceptional networks, we are clearly strengthening the role of wood construction in our company," says CEO Juuso Hietanen.

Further information:
Juuso Hietanen, CEO, Lehto Group Plc, tel. +358 50 343 4023

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