Lehto Group Plc: Lehto Group refines its organizational structure

Lehto Group Plc
Stock Exchange Release
17 February 2017, 8.00 a.m. (EET)

Lehto Group refines its organizational structure

From the beginning of the year 2016 Lehto Group Plc’s organizational structure has been based on four service areas: Business Premises, Housing, Social Care and Educational Premises and Building Renovation. The customers, products and services and the implementation of construction projects vary between the service areas.

Until now service areas have consisted of accountable subsidiaries. Service areas have not had their own management but their operations have been managed through steering groups consisting of subsidiary management and group management.

Lehto continues to organize its operations around the service areas and the company has named responsible management for the service areas. The management is responsible for managing the business according to service area strategies.

The main target for organizational change is to integrate the overlapping operations between the subsidiaries and to utilise the resources and knowledge more efficiently within the service area.

Lehto Group’s executive board  from  1 March, 2017 is following:

  • Hannu Lehto, CEO, Chief Executive Officer
  • Asko Myllymäki, CCO, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Veli-Pekka Paloranta, CFO, Chief Financial Officer
  • Pasi Kokko, EVP, Housing
  • Jaakko Heikkilä, EVP, Business Premises
  • Tuomo Mertaniemi, EVP, Social Care and Educational Premises
  • Pekka Lindeman, EVP, Building Renovation
  • Timo Reiniluoto, EVP, Business Support Services

For further information, please contact:
CEO Hannu Lehto, tel. +358 500 280 448, hannu.lehto@lehto.fi

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