Corporate responsibility

Our way of work supports ecological construction

Lehto Group´s corporate responsibility comprises three focus areas: responsible construction, personnel wellbeing, and responsibility of business practices.

Lehto´s corporate responsibility report


Our goal is to build efficiently while saving energy


Our goal is to build efficiently while saving resources


Our goal it to reduce the material waste generated in construction


Our goal is to be a good employer that is fair to everyone

Lehto´s previous Corporate responsibility reports

Responsible construction in everyday life

Besides our way of work decreases excessive transportations to the construction site and will be in the future more and more focus on wooden construction we wanted to show small responsible stories from tour everyday life.

KIDE Hotel

The Kide Hotel in the Iso-Syöte fell, is built from Finnish wood and is heated using geothermal energy. It is a digital, smart and energy-efficient hotel that showcases the strength of future provincial construction. 

Walnut tree gets its own space on an apartment building lot

Manchurian Walnut grows on the aptly named ‘Helsinki Walnut’ plot (As Oy Helsingin Jalopähkinä). Lehto is developing the plot for its Nero apartment buildings. This walnut tree in the Pukinmäki district is one of Helsinki’s 31 protected natural landmarks. Lehto has planned the location and shape of the apartment building to ensure that there is sufficient space for the protected tree. About one fourth of the plot has been allocated to the tree, and the locations of both the apartment buildings and the construction site have been carefully planned with experts.

Recycling gypsums from the factories

Gypsum board is being recycled at factories. Almost every Lehto Components factory returns its gypsum board cutoffs to the supplier. The gypsum boards are supplied by Knauf, which also accepts returns of production cutoffs. About 1–2 cubic metres of gypsum board cutoffs are generated in production per day. The gypsum board cutoffs are collected by the truckload and then delivered to Knauf’s factory in Kankaanpää, where they can be reused.

Window frame cutoff back to supplier

Window frame cutoffs are returned to the supplier. The window and balcony door line at Lehto’s factory in Oulainen manufactures windows for Lehto buildings from pre-shaped materials, cutting them into the correct dimensions. Cutoffs from the window and door frames manufactured at the factory are sent back to the supplier in Poland. Rehau’s processing plant in Poland melts them down into pellets that can later be recompressed into new products.