Corporate responsibility

Our way of work supports ecological construction

Lehto Group´s corporate responsibility comprises three focus areas: responsible construction, personnel wellbeing, and responsibility of business practices.

Lehto´s corporate responsibility report


Our goal is to build efficiently while saving energy


Our goal is to build efficiently while saving resources


Our goal it to reduce the material waste generated in construction


Our goal is to be a good employer that is fair to everyone

Lehto´s previous Corporate responsibility reports

Responsible construction in everyday life

Besides our way of work decreases excessive transportations to the construction site and will be in the future more and more focus on wooden construction we wanted to show small responsible stories from tour everyday life.

100 accident-free days for Lehto Housing

On 22 March 2021, a milestone of 100 accident-free days was achieved by those working in the Lehto Housing service area.

Liike - Lehto Group

Pedalling to success in the Kilometre Contest

Every summer, Lehto takes part in the lighthearted Kilometre Contest (Kilometrikisa) in which companies form a team and attempt to rack up kilometres on their bikes. The Lehto team pedalled their way to an astounding total of 17,688 kilometres, thereby saving 1,238 litres of petrol and 3,095 kg of carbon dioxide.

Advertising banners recycled

Lehto made use of construction site advertising banners that were otherwise headed for the trash. With the aid of Globe Hope, they were turned into bags for first-aid kits.

LEED Gold for Bredis

Lehto built an extension to the Bredis Retail Park, and it received a LEED Gold certificate in 2021.