Mehiläinen, Kauhava

We built an impressive assisted living facility for the elderly in the centre of Kauhava on the site of the former town hall. The building was designed in cooperation with the customer. The facility comprises 48 customer units, 30 of which are designated for enhanced care and 18 are for assisted living. The largely red brick clad building was designed to be accessible, safe and home-like.


Kirkkotie 10-12


Year finished

Lehto Tilat Oy

2438,5 m2

A safe and high-quality living environment is particularly important for people in need of continuous assistance or care. The assisted living facilities allow the residents to live as independently as possible. We created comfortable and home-like spaces, where all functions take safety and ease of use into consideration. We implement social care and educational premises ranging from small care homes to schools and hospital hotels. We have built more than 100 social care and educational premises in 70 different municipalities.

We built an impressive assisted living facility with 48 customer units for elderly residents in the centre of Kauhava. This three-storey care facility has 30 units for enhanced care living and 18 units for assisted living.

Services on different floors

The assisted living facility combines different types of units and services: the ground floor and part of the first floor are used for enhanced care living, where the care staff is available 24/7. The building enlivens the urban landscape and blends in with the environment. The facades feature red brick and wood like the other buildings in the vicinity.

Part of the first floor and the entire second floor house the assisted living customers, for whom care must be available if needed. The assisted living rooms are somewhat larger and equipped with a kitchen space for cooking.

Imposing building on the site of the old town hall

The well-equipped assisted living facility, built on the site of the old town hall, had been eagerly awaited. The building was designed in cooperation with Mehiläinen, providing the customer with unique premises tailored to its needs. Among other features, Mehiläinen’s corporate colour scheme is used throughout the premises.

The building was completed in early 2018 after about one year, and it has been in use by the happy customer since. The largely red brick clad building was designed to be accessible, home-like and safe.


We can also design commercial premises for various services in the building, thus increasing the desirability of the apartments with a comprehensive range of services. We also built a stylish restaurant on the ground floor, open to all the city’s residents.

We used our own bathroom elements in the construction phase, ensuring uniform construction quality. All parties benefited from our efficient and economic construction method, which also ensured a reasonable rent level.

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