Production facilities

Focus on developing efficient production facilities

We understand the efficiency and logistics requirements of industrial production, which is why we always design our solutions based on the needs of the customer’s production activities. Our concept enables us to build efficiently and economically – on the terms of your production operations. This ensures that your premises will generate cash flow for you as quickly as possible.

Lehto built a production and commercial building for Originator Oy.

The key priorities in the construction of production facilities

Production requirements

Production efficiency is improved by facilities that support the operations.


We build smartly and cost-efficiently, starting right from the planning and design stage.


Our unique concept enables relatively quick construction.


One contract from the design stage to implementation ensures the convenience of the project.

This is how we do it

One contract

The one contract principle makes your project clear and straightforward.

Fixed price

Lehto wants to keep budgets under control. The price of your project is fixed and you do not have to worry about excess expenses and loose budgets.

Move in on the agreed date

Keeping to the agreed time frame is a matter of pride for us. We finish our projects on schedule.

Content and quality as agreed

The scope of the contract and the content of the delivery is accurately known by both parties.

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Developing efficient production facilities

When we develop production facilities, we consider your production methods and the related requirements. Examples of these include logistics planning, the load-bearing capacity of floor structures, appropriate lighting, effective dust removal and good ventilation. We also create floor plans that suit the intended purpose (e.g. traffic inside a factory) and dense floor surfaces that are easy to keep clean. Designing acoustics that keep noise levels within the accepted limits is also typically important for production facilities.

When it comes to production facilities, it is important to plan for the general functionality of the space and the value chain and flow of goods in production while also ensuring full regulatory compliance.

This way, the production premises will not only be safe but also structurally sound and healthy for the users. To this end, we take working conditions and ergonomics into account right from the design stage.

We have built industrial production facilities for the following companies: Sten & Kimet, Camtronic, Westronic, Premec, Auramo & Bolzini, SSAB, KW-Components, Koneselkä, Fincoat, Helsingin Levytyö, Pyhännän Rakennustuote, JMC Engine, Tekniseri, Salvos.

Retail Park Bredis is shopping center in the middle of a large residential area.

We take on the overall responsibility for your construction project

Working with us is easy – one contract covers everything you need for your construction project. You sign a single contract that ensures you will get the production facilities you need at a fixed price, completed by the agreed date.

First, we need to know your budget and the requirements for the premises. Then, we assess your situation more accurately to create more detailed plans and designs.

We continue to work closely with you during the two-year warranty period, keeping the production premises under continuous remote monitoring. This allows us to analyse the effectiveness of the technical building systems of the production facilities and optimise them to ensure economy and functionality going forward.

“One big factor in our decision was that Lehto takes overall responsibility for the construction project. This enabled us to focus on our business. Lehto was flexible and our premises were completed right on time. The agreed price was upheld and there were no unexpected additional costs.”

– Rauno Vennola, Terra-Team Oy

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