Originator Oy

Lehto built a production and commercial building for Originator Oy. The property was implemented as a turnkey project in which we were responsible for both design and construction. It was completed in 2020 after construction work that lasted about 11 months.  Originator operates in the heavy equipment spare parts and repair sector, and will celebrate its 45th anniversary in the spring.


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Year finished

Kiinteistö Oy Rekkakeskus

Lehto Tilat Oy

n. 4 000 m2

Kiinteistö Oy Rekkakeskus was the property developer. Originator’s new hall is located in the Kujala district of Lahti, at the junction of Highways 4 and 12. The completion of the Lahti Southern Ring Road in autumn 2020 enables customers to access the new service centre with ease.

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All operations under one roof

Originator has long wanted new premises in the Lahti region. The company used to operate out of three locations in the Lahti region – in Hollola and the city of Lahti – and this had long posed challenges for the company’s business. Originator wanted to combine all of its operations under one roof, which required a heavy equipment workshop and spacious spare parts warehouse that suited its current mix of business. Originator had a tight schedule for the move, as they found out they had only a year to vacate their workshop in Hollola.

They chose Lehto as their partner for this project, as Lehto was the only construction company that promised to complete the project to such a tight schedule. Lehto’s economically driven construction concept was also appealing to the developer. Lehto used its own standard components for the project.

Efficient use of space

A heavy equipment workshop is a very special type of premises with many features that will influence its design. All of these details must be got right in order for the company to make efficient use of the space. The project’s design paid particular attention to longer vehicle combinations and their manoeuvrability and space requirements. The workshop will have six drive-through areas with a length of about 38 metres. The total area of the hall is about 4,000 square metres, of which about 1,500 square metres is reserved for retail premises and the spare parts business.

Now that Originator’s operations have been consolidated under one roof, work can be carried out more quickly, thereby providing customers with more efficient service and facilitating in-house training.

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