Prisma, Nokia

The first Prisma centre in the town of Nokia, the seventh of the Pirkanmaa Cooperative, was built in 2017 using our economically driven operating model. The Prisma centre is 11,350 square metres in size. The construction phase lasted just under 11 months. The versatile services of the Prisma centre, long awaited in Nokia, have considerably improved the commercial offering of the town centre.


Yrittäjänkatu 10, Nokia


Year finished

Kiinteistö Oy Cityprisma

Lehto Tilat Oy

11 350 m2

We offer high-quality and affordable business premises for the private and public sector.  Thanks to our economically driven construction method and responsible operating model, customers can be sure that even large project entities will be managed and completed successfully. Successful business premises are practical and comfortable for both employees and customers.

Over the years, we have built hundreds of commercial buildings using our economically driven construction method: one contract, a fixed price and an agreed move-in date. In economically driven construction, we manage the entire process from planning to final cleaning with a strong routine. The benefits of our operating model are clearest in large construction projects, where the schedule and budget as well as the high quality of construction play a particularly important role.

We built the first Prisma centre in the town of Nokia, the seventh of the Pirkanmaa Cooperative, in 2017. The project was implemented using Lehto’s economically driven construction method. The Prisma centre is located in the heart of Nokia, on Yrittäjäkatu and the Nokia main road.

Eagerly awaited Prisma centre

The Prisma centre’s wide range of services have considerably improved the commercial offering of the town centre. The commercial centre had been long awaited by the local residents. In addition to the Prisma supermarket and the Osuusravintola Oksa restaurant, the centre offers a wide array of other complementary services: a hairdresser’s, Alko, GSM-line, Härki pharmacy, Life, LähiTapiola, a post office, S-Bank, Musti & Mirri, the family service centre of the town of Nokia, Silmäasema and Timanttiset. The Prisma centre is easily accessible by public transport or car. The bicycle and pedestrian connections are also good.

The Prisma centre is situated on a single floor and has an area of 11,350 m2. The construction phase lasted less than a year. The chief designer was the experienced architect Mikko Juntura.

The Prisma centre was built on the site of the Häpesuo landfill, which was closed down in the mid-1960s.  The town replaced the soil on the site up to a depth of 15 metres. After the excavation work, the site was filled with new, load-bearing soil, after which construction could start.

Lehto’s economically driven construction method enabled an efficient project schedule. Our own module production introduces confidence and speed into construction. The roof of the building was implemented with large wooden roof elements of our own production. The building frame was constructed with concrete pillars and glued laminated timber beams. The external walls were built of sheet metal-insulation-sheet metal elements.

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