Väritehtaankatu 8

We built a multi-purpose office, accommodation and business premises building next to the Tikkurila train station in Vantaa. The project, featuring a total of 16,909 m², was ordered by the real estate investment company Sponda Plc. The six-storey building implemented as a turnkey contract was completed in April 2018, and it is LEED Gold certified. The site also includes Lehto’s Helsinki region office and apartment store.


Väritehtaankatu 8


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Lehto Tilat Oy

16 909 m²

We built a multi-purpose complex in the heart of the Tikkurila district in Vantaa, providing a good setting for office, accommodation and business premises. The project was ordered by the real estate investment company Sponda Plc. The premises, with a total floor area 16,909 m², are located in the hustle and bustle of Tikkurila, one of the key hubs in the Helsinki metropolitan region.

The contract included the construction of e.g. K-Market, Forenom, Fitness24/7 and Dylan Tiksi premises in addition to other open-plan offices and Lehto’s own offices. The property also has a 4,000 m² basement with a parking garage, warehouses and social facilities. The site also has two parking areas.

The project was carried out as a turnkey contract, with us being responsible for both design and construction. We manage the entire process from design to final cleaning with a strong routine. The benefits of our economically driven operating model excel in big projects where adherence to the schedule and budget and the quality of construction are particularly important.

Business premises in a busy environment

The design and construction of this six-storey project took a total of approximately 17 months. Major work to remove contaminated soil lasting six months preceded the construction work, as the building was constructed on a plot that housed the Tikkurila battery factory years before.

Local architecture and visibility had to be taken into consideration in designing the project, as the building is located at the end of the busy Tikkurila station bridge. The vicinity of the railway also added its own spice to the mix, as the depression of the railway and other structures was regularly measured in the construction phase. The demanding groundwater conditions also caused challenges in the project, as the excavation had to be made waterproof. In fact, the foundations of the building are approximately 3.5 metres below the groundwater level.

The building is LEED Gold certified, which is reflected in several design solutions: wastewater management, ventilation dimensioning, access routes and parking spaces. The façade of the building features wavy aluminium sheet. In addition, the colours include brown umbra, realised by Betonipallas Oy. The façade also features galvanised steel sheet at a certain point for potential expansions. The building also features glass walls. Trees and bushes have been planted in the yard area to delight customers and passers-by.

Own office premises for Lehto

Lehto’s new Helsinki region office was built on the second, fifth and sixth floor of the building. The second floor of the building features Lehto’s apartment store. The fifth floor is divided in two: customer premises and offices. One of the walls in the customer premises was made as a birch shingle wall. Birch plank ceiling is an interesting detail in the customer premises.

The sixth floor houses offices for Lehto’s personnel. The premises are divided into separate zones in the spirit of a multi-purpose environment. This floor also features a kitchen and cafeteria area. The floors of the office premises are primarily blue carpet, while the ceilings of the meeting rooms feature Barrisol material. The interior decoration was planned by Mottowasabi Oy.

The site was completed in April 2018, after which Lehto employees and other tenants could immediately move into their new premises.

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