Hamina school, Ii

The pupils of Hamina school in Ii kicked off their school year in a brand new school building in 2017. Lehto’s first ever school project was completed cost-effectively on schedule with financial management.


Valtarintie 11


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Municipality of Ii

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Hamina school is located in the municipal service centre of Ii. The school accommodates approximately 440 preschool and elementary school pupils. The new school building built by Lehto is connected to the old school. In other words, Lehto added a wing to the old school. The scheduled construction time for the school was one year. We were able to complete the building and hand it over to the client on schedule. Teaching was held in the adjacent old school building throughout the construction stage. The construction was conducted as a turnkey contract.

Hamina school of Ii contains a Lehto building services container unit.


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Dream school

The end users of Hamina school in Ii are happy with their new building.

“Our school is brilliant, beautiful, and modern. It is exactly what we hoped for. The school creates a new spirit to the curriculum.” Jari-Jukka Jokela, Principal of Hamina school in Ii.

The multi-functional facilities suit different methods of teaching. They support all-round learning and are adaptable. The teachers can create pleasant learning spaces for the children with partition walls and vacant space. Even the hallways can be used as a workspace. These uses of space support the new idea of learning that emphasises the role of pupils as active actors and learning as interaction.

The design of the school has been particularly praised for its spaciousness and colourfulness. The roomy spaces and bright colours make the school a fun environment for the children to learn and play in. The front of the school is cladded with light-coloured timber and has vibrant green details.

Operational school in short time

We customise the design of the schools we build in cooperation with the end users. When designing school facilities, we always take into account how the space could be used in the evenings and weekends, for example, for recreational activities and festive occasions. You are also welcome to rent a new, healthy, and functional school from us.

We build modern and functional schools quickly and cost-effectively. Your school is ready to begin operations within a year from the decision to build!

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