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We built new office premises for the Oulu-based software house Piimega Oy in Kempele, North Ostrobothnia. The client specifically requested good soundproofing. The client has been happy with the new office premises of the company.


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Lehto cooperated with the client in designing functional premises for Piimega’s offices. The client proposed amendments to our original design and these amendments were acknowledged in the final product. In the end, we found a solution that satisfied the client.

Importance of soundproofing

Creating modern office spaces with special attention paid to the lighting, ventilation, and cooling of the building was essential in the design of Piimega’s premises. One of the most important criteria set by Piimega was soundproofing. Piimega wanted their workspace to be soundproof to avoid disturbances caused by outside noise. Piimega’s office is located in the vicinity of Oulu Airport and is, therefore, affected by the flights. This is another reason we paid special attention to decibels.

“We think it is important to have business premises where our personnel feels comfortable. We made a list of everything we consider important, which included good acoustics, soundproofing, lighting, ventilation and cooling, and flexible interior. The final result is wonderful and we are very happy with the premises,” says Vesa-Pekka Palokangas, CEO of Piimega.


Fast construction

We completed the new two-storey office of Piimega located in Kempele in 10 months. Thanks to the favourable summer weather and careful planning, the project was completed on schedule. Functional uses of space and a pleasant work environment create a fabulous foundation for efficient and enjoyable time at work!

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