Sarkola School

Sarkola School is a primary school and learning environment for 350 pupils. It has teaching facilities for six small special education groups in addition to Grades 1 to 6. The premises enable creative and flexible teaching arrangements, and the organisation of various school events. The school’s versatile premises also provide better facilities for students who are in need of extra support. The project implemented the sustainable development goals set by the City of Kouvola.


Toukotie 31


Year finished

Lehto Tilat Oy

4827 m²

Sarkola School has teaching facilities on two floors, and students have direct access to their teaching rooms from outside. The premises are highly adaptable, and areas can be opened up, closed off and combined according to the required room size. Corridors can also be harnessed for innovative work.

There is a central lobby at the heart of the school, which functions as a cafeteria, a foyer, “the giant’s staircase” and a music room. The central lobby serves as a lively and convertible arena for all of the school’s communal activities. It also plays a part in learning, doing things together, performances, and fun in general. The lobby has space for quiet work as well, and is often used for after-school club activities in the afternoons.

Tendering and construction

The negotiated procedure used in the tender enabled us to discuss various implementation alternatives before the call for tenders was published. This meant that the details could still be refined after the contract was signed.

In the tendering process, the qualitative criteria for the contractor included the functionality and adaptability of interior spaces, the functionality and versatility of schoolyards, energy efficiency, and facade architecture. The design solution submitted by Lehto Tilat was deemed to fit in with the surrounding building stock, while also standing out as a distinctive public building. The aim was to build a comfortable, functional and cost-effective school with adaptable premises and excellent architecture.

Sarkola School is a concrete building with fresh and distinctive architecture. The schoolyards have been designed to encourage physical activity and, together with the sports park, the school forms a complex that livens up the area.

The contract was implemented as a turnkey project in which the contractor was responsible for both design and construction. Construction began in March 2021 and the school was opened to students in autumn 2022.

Energy efficiency and carbon footprint

Particular attention was paid to the school’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. The call for tenders included minimum requirements, such as energy efficiency below the regulatory level, and a carbon footprint calculation had to be made at the tendering stage. Attention was also paid to the energy efficiency of technical building systems. The contractor was required to engage in good quality management during construction, including moisture control.

Sustainability themes were also respected in the agreement’s terms and conditions of employment, which stated that two long-term unemployed people from Kouvola were to be employed during construction.

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