As. Oy Oulun Valjastehdas

Lehto renovated a more than 120-year-old factory building for Weljekset Åström Oy. The factory building was given a worthy new life when it was converted into apartments in a way that preserved the property’s historic facade as part of the streetscape. As. Oy Oulun Valjastehdas was completed in December 2021.


Isokatu 1


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Lehto Asunnot Oy

LOFT living near the city centre and Hupisaaret Park

All but the two largest apartments in the former harness factory have a private balcony that provides additional space. Both the studios and two-room apartments are particularly spacious, and make ideal homes for owner-occupiers.

The building’s large square windows, which are reminiscent of its history, let in a lot of light and give these homes a unique look. Many of the apartments have balconies, and the window seats on the street side offer views across the park. Several apartments have their own sauna as well. Residents can also use the building’s communal sauna, and have apartment-specific storage spaces. There is a children’s playground in the block courtyard.

Street-side apartments have windows with large sills along their lower edge. If you stand on these window sills, the large square windows become a kind of French balcony, as a frameless glass railing has been installed outside the windows. This sill also makes for a great window seat, where you can sit and socialise with friends and family.

Services and leisure facilities within walking distance

Oulun Valjastehdas is located opposite Åström Park, which opens out onto the popular Hupisaari islands that are loved by locals. All kinds of services and leisure activities are within easy walking distance of Valjastehdas. The city’s downtown pedestrian streets are only 500 metres away. In addition to Hupisaaret Park, you can also get to the sports hall or swimming pool on foot or by bike.

Affordable urban living

At Lehto Asunnot, we are very proud of our concept, as it enables us to provide high-quality yet affordable urban homes, even in areas where housing prices are often getting out of hand. Oulun Valjastehdas is not only unique, but also loan-free – which means that residents are not jointly liable for the company’s debts. The building is on an optional leased plot, which means that homeowners can choose to redeem their own share of the plot, thereby saving on housing costs.

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