Ikaalinen Sports Hall

Ikaalinen’s sports hall, aka Valkean Ruusun Arena, is a vibrant centre that provides residents and visitors with not only a versatile sports centre but also a venue for events of all kinds.


Koulunpolku 4


Year finished

Lehto Tilat Oy

3 030 m²

In 2019, the City of Ikaalinen realised that the old sports hall’s facilities were no longer up to scratch. The premises seemed cramped and were not accessible, and the technical building systems had reached the end of their service life. Challenges relating to indoor air quality had also been detected.

The City realised that the considerable cost of renovating the old premises made it an unfeasible option – and therefore decided to build a completely new hall instead. The City’s desire to promote wellbeing was another reason for the project. The hall’s design took into account the needs of early childhood education and care, schools, recreational and competitive sports clubs, sports services and event organisers.

The new arena was finally completed in spring 2022, no less than a month and a half ahead of schedule. Industrial prefabrication was used to speed up the construction phase, that is, by using large roof elements manufactured at Lehto’s factories in Finland. In addition to shortening the construction site phase, this approach also increases cost-effectiveness.

When the project was completed, Ikaalinen had a lot more space for promoting wellbeing through sports, exercise and other leisure activities. The premises are now accessible, and modern technology guarantees extra comfort.

Valkean Ruusun Arena

Ikaalinen’s sports hall is located in the city centre, next to the new Valkean Ruusun School. This is why the centre was renamed Valkean Ruusun Arena in a public competition held after its completion in 2022.

The arena serves as an indoor sports hall for people of all ages, and also as a venue for concerts and other events. The proximity of the school also makes the hall’s high-quality facilities accessible to schoolchildren and suitable for use in school sports activities.


A versatile centre for sports, exercise and fun

The centre is a partly two-storey complex, and the sports hall has a free height of eight metres. The hall can be divided into a maximum of four blocks according to requirements. In addition to the main hall, the building also has a well-equipped gym, a grandstand, a running track, an e-Sport area, office space, changing rooms and showers. The centre’s stage also serves as a mirrored fitness studio.

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