Sports hall Luovi

The sports hall Luovi in Myllytulli, Oulu, was completed in August 2019. Users with special needs were taken into account in the execution of the sports hall. The modifiability and versatility of the facilities make the sports hall an active and efficiently utilised sports facility.


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1 495m2

The sports hall Luovi is located in Myllytulli, in the vicinity of Oulu city centre. The plan of the big plot was altered so that Lehto could build blocks of flats on the other side of the plot. The front of the hall is clad with bricks that matches the red-bricked Myllytulli area beautifully. The roof of the sports hall Luovi contains large roof elements manufactured by Lehto’s factory in Humppila.

Versatile sports hall

The size of the sports hall is 1,495m2. The space can be easily modified according to the situation. The hall can be divided into three sections with partition curtains and without the curtains the hall works as a full-length floorball rink. The hall has small gallery terraces. Luovi also has a cafeteria on the ground floor. The sports hall is primarily used as originally intended, but the space is also suitable for organising matriculation examinations, thanks to the ADSL cables.

Needs expressed by Luovi were taken into account in the design of this versatile sports hall. “Our needs for additional amendments were also taken into account during the design process,” says Petri Petäjäjärvi, property manager of Luovi.

Recognition of special needs

Users with special needs were borne in mind during the design process. Special attention was paid to the space’s lighting to assist people with poor eyesight and the visually impaired. Furthermore, the colour of the floor and playing area boundaries is not standard. The neutral colour of the floor and boundaries help people with problems with perceptive skills.


Perfect scheduling

According to Petri Petäjäjärvi, property manager of Luovi, the timing of the sports hall’s handover was perfect, since the autumn term was just about to begin. Students could begin to use the facilities immediately.

The construction of the sports hall took 14 months. “The quality of the sports hall is good and the time of construction went smoothly. Although the construction site was situated in the middle of a training centre, it took the everyday life of Luovi into account and caused no problems during the construction stage,” Petri summarises.

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