Activity Centre Zemppi, Kempele

We have constructed a modern and diverse activity centre, Zemppi, in Kempele. The activity centre was constructed as Lehto’s own turnkey project system contract where we were responsible for the design and implementation of the project from start to finish. The activity centre was constructed according to our new activity arena concept, where modern hotel facilities, local services and especially recreational activity facilities go hand in hand. The activity arena can also be used for organising events.


Pekurintie 2


Year finished

Municipality of Kempele

8 144 km²

With this concept, we were able to find a quick, safe and cost-efficient model for the municipality of Kempele with which we were able to offer high-quality and functional activity services to residents and visitors alike. The customer can choose a completed arena from our activity arena collection and see the price and the timetable immediately.

This was the first Facility-service combo site where we have used our own concept in building the hotel facilities. Forenom Oy operates the hotel and the revenue has been steadily growing since the begin of the service.


Services and Recreational Activities

The Zemppi activity centre is comprised of a hotel facility, restaurants and a bowling hall. The size of the facilities is 8,144 square metres. Zemppi Areena has 7,740 floor square metres of which the gym, the ball game hall and the bowling hall take up a total of 5,800 square metres. The rest is used for hotel and restaurant facilities.

The activity centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the Zeppelin shopping centre, on the other side of the road. The area has a lively and abundant array of shops and services with good traffic conjunctions and parking areas. Zemppi was constructed in approximately 10 months and the site was ready for use in March 2017.

We also constructed 140 parking slots and 331 bicycle slots. The challenging project went smoothly thanks to our economically driven operational method and in-house design work.

For instance, in the hotel facilities, we used our own bathroom modules and the entire project was based on the economically driven KIS (Keep It Simple) concept of our own apartment production in which we offered our cooperation partners a profitable and long-term investment. The secret of the KIS concept is that we do not reinvent the wheel in each tall building that Lehto constructs but we use our standard solutions and Lehto’s innovative modules.

Flexible Spaces Bring Benefits

The ball game hall includes two floorball fields. It can also be converted to serve the needs of other ball games. There are 700 fixed spectator seats on the side of the field and the facilities can be converted to a concert and exhibition hall with as many as 1,100 seats. The 1,600 square metre gym facility also offers alternatively massage and physiotherapy services.

The bowling hall has 10 alleys and serves individual customers as well as teams and companies. There is also a restaurant, a sports equipment shop and a hairdressing saloon in the facilities.

The pupils of the comprehensive school located nearby have their physical education classes in the arena instead of having to be transported further from the school. The project has been a positive experience both to the residents and visitors. In addition, we have made an agreement to use the facilities for this kind of physical activity with the municipality of Kempele, and this has turned out to be a really good solution.

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