As Oy Oulun Linnanhovi, Oulu

We built the As Oy Oulun Linnanhovi property in the Linnanmaa district of Oulu. The five-storey block of flats comprises one-room and two-room flats. The flats feature a variety of layouts to take into account the different life circumstances of the residents. Located in the lively Linnanmaa district near excellent transport connections, our block of flats combines quality housing with a reasonable price level.


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We built As Oy Oulun Linnanhovi in the lively Linnanmaa district in Oulu. After a construction phase lasting about one year, the property was handed over to the customers in autumn 2017. Linnanhovi comprises a large five-storey block with one-room and two-room flats.

The flats are 28–43.5 m2 in size. The vicinity of the university was taken into account in the design of the building by providing several different types of layouts. The flats were built to address the needs of residents in different life circumstances. Linnanhovi can offer practically everything one needs: a pleasant and peaceful living environment close to services, the university and local jobs.

As Oy Linnanhovi is located near the Oulu technology village, with a service cluster just a few hundred metres away. Transport connections are excellent, as the public transport services between Linnanmaa and the city centre are among the best in Oulu. The surroundings provide easy access to nature, including woods and nearby jogging paths.

The colour scheme in the flats is light and bright. The spacious homes feature interiors in light colours. Special attention was paid to the design of the balconies. This red-brown brick-clad building is an impressive entity.

Roof terrace and forest scenery

The area is peaceful, as the Linnanhovi yard area is completely sheltered from the noise of traffic by the buildings on three sides and a park and forest zone on one side. The yard features bicycle shelters and a play and recreation area. There is storage space on the ground floor. The fourth floor on the top of the building features two saunas for the residents’ use, a fine roof terrace and a club room.

Thanks to the level site, construction was straightforward and the project was easy to manage. The architecture of As Oy Linnanhovi is attractive and the design of the flats is practical. As a result, the homes were sold very quickly. The reasonable price level spurred high demand. The last flats were already sold about six months before the property was completed.

We want to offer buyers a high-quality, architecturally ambitious and comfortable home at an attractive price. We used our own module production in the construction phase, ensuring a moisture-controlled process and improving construction quality. The use of our own standardised solutions also considerably speeds up the construction phase.

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