As Oy Sammatti, Helsinki

We have renovated the pipelines in the As Oy Sammatti in Helsinki, a housing company with the biggest courtyard in the Nordic countries. The apartments constructed in 1927–1929 have 16 stairways in total. In addition to the pipeline renovation, we performed kitchen renovations and one comprehensive apartment renovation during this challenging project. The pipeline renovation took a little over 12 months and was completed in March 2018.


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We have performed a comprehensive pipeline renovation in As Oy Sammatti. The renovation was implemented as a bidding contract where we were responsible for the construction work. As Oy Sammatti is located close to the beautiful Vallila park and community garden in Helsinki. The courtyard of the large apartment area has been nominated the biggest in the Nordic countries. The charming buildings dazzle in various tones of yellow, pink and corral.

As Oy Sammatti looks impressive with its two apartment buildings with four floors each. The buildings have been constructed in 1927–1929 and are owned by two housing companies. The impressive size of the housing area is manifested with its 16 stairways from stairway A all the way to stairway P.


A Challenging Site for a Pipeline Renovation

The contract also included HVAC and electrical work.  A new water pipe was led to each water outlet and we also renewed all the sewers during the renovation. The switchboard in each apartment was renewed and the electrical system in each bathroom was entirely renewed. During the contract, we also offered a chance for a kitchen renovation, which several residents opted for. On top of that, one of the apartments underwent a comprehensive renovation.

Previous construction decisions created extra challenge to the renovation. The floor structure in a building constructed in the beginning of the 20th century can be problematic and old building material (e.g. peat) can be found from strange places.

Old buildings often have an old floor structure and challenging pipe routes. The pipe lines are not as clear as in the building from the 60’s and 70’s. This requires unconditional expertise from the constructor and competence of several solutions. We have succeeded well in this regard.

Efficient Use of Time

As Oy Sammatti was a big and challenging site which was nevertheless completed according to the timetable that was updated during the process. The surprises that appeared were solved efficiently and the residents were able to move back to their homes as per the agreed schedule. The pipeline renovation began in January 2017 and was completed in March 2018. In addition to the pipeline renovation, kitchen and apartment renovations, we updated the old drawings of the building.

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