Vehkapolku, Vantaa

This property in Kukkaketo, Vantaa, is the first project in which we constructed additional floors and implemented pipeline renovation as a comprehensive package. We built a sixth floor on top this centrally located building, comprising 12 unique and stylish penthouse apartments. The new homes will be handed over in September–October 2018.


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Pipeline renovation involves the replacement or refurbishment of a property’s sewage and water pipe systems. Pipeline renovations are often the largest renovation effort carried out by a housing company, and the costs or schedule can easily get out of hand.

Attic building and complementary or additional construction enables housing companies to finance the renovation of other premises in the property as well as increasing the company’s assets. In older blocks of flats, a high attic space can be used for building penthouse apartments. The addition of completely new floors enables the housing company to acquire several new flats.

The addition of new floors introduces a modern look even to older properties, and this has become an increasing trend in recent years. We can offer a comprehensive package that includes both the pipeline renovation and the construction of additional floors.

We implemented pipeline renovation and constructed an additional floor for the Vehkapolku property located in an attractive block in Kukkaketo, Vantaa. We built a sixth floor on top this ideally located building, comprising 12 unique and stylish penthouse apartments. The penthouses are 53.5–63.5 m2 in size.

Services and beautiful scenery

The blocks of flats of As Oy Vehkapolku were built in 1972 and 1973. The area consists of several buildings from the same era. There are a number of services in the immediate vicinity of Vehkapolku, just across the street: a healthcare centre, the Dixi shopping centre, several restaurants and other complementary services.

The penthouses on the additional floor feature beautiful roof terraces running the width of the entire apartment and providing stunning views. The roof terrace also extends the interior of the apartments and creates a sense of additional space. The new flats will be handed over at the turn of September–October 2018.


We have rehauled renovation and construction practices and introduced increased efficiency into the design and implementation phase with solutions suitable for mass production. Our popularity is based on our responsible and cost-effective operating model, which enables us to serve the needs and wishes of our customers.

We used our own module production in the construction phase, eliminating the risks related to weather conditions at the construction site. The use of prefabricated components from our own factories speeds up the completion of renovations and ensures the quality of construction.

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