Oikos & Logos, Helsinki

Oikos & Logos are located in the green area of Latokartano in Helsinki. This speculative development, comprising two housing companies, was implemented in the form of developer contracting and was designed to take into account the different life circumstances of the residents. The adaptable layout solution in the flats allows home buyers to have a say in the final layout. The flats could be adapted into one-room, two-room or even three-room dwellings.


Maakaari 5, 7 ja 9


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Lehto Asunnot Oy

6 152m2

Lehto concrete apartment building is a housing product where every detail has been carefully considered. Our concrete aparment building is a unique product combining a reasonable price and quality everyday living. Our standardised solutions enable to us to stand out from competitors using conventional construction methods. We are also a long-term trusted partner for housing investors.

Oikos & Logos is located in the versatile Latokartano area less than 10 km from the centre of Helsinki. Despite the central location, nature is accessible right on the doorstep of these homes. The flats were built to address the needs of residents in different life circumstances, and thanks to good planning and our economically driven construction model, their prices remained reasonable. As a result, the flats were quickly sold to their new owners.

Versatile homes

Oikos & Logos in Helsinki is a unique speculative development implemented in the form of developer contracting. In speculative development, the construction company establishes the housing company and signs a contract for construction. Oikos & Logos are separate housing companies situated on the same plot.

Oikos comprises two blocks containing a total of 49 flats 31.5–75 m2 in size. Building A was designed to contain smaller flats ranging from 31.5 to 50 m2 in size. Building B only contains the larger flats of 75 m2.

Logos is a property consisting of one block containing flats ranging from 31.5 to 51.5 m2 in size. All the flats in Oikos and Logos have an adaptable layout solution, allowing buyers to have a say in the final layout when selecting the interior materials. The large studio flats could easily be converted into a two-room, or even a three-room flat.

High rooms and large windows

The square basic form of the flats made the layout of flats adaptable. All flats have a room height of approximately three metres, which brings light and further increases the sense of space. The windows in these modern homes are also larger than average. Many of the solutions were designed by architect Tuomas Toivonen.

The facilities in the building include a wood sauna, bicycle service facility, laundry room, plenty of bicycle stands as well as lockable bicycle storage. We build flats using the repeatable concept principle, in which the work phases are standardised in order to produce standard construction quality.

We use prefabricated components manufactured indoors at our construction sites. The manufacturing process and component quality are systematically monitored. This ensures a moisture-controlled process and improves construction quality.

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