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Puuilo and Lehto have been partners for years, opening seven low-price department stores around Finland. Together, they have customised a store concept for the chain that helps Puuilo achieve nationwide growth thanks to the efficient startup of new projects.

Lehto has already built seven retail premises for Puuilo around Finland: Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Järvenpää, Lahti, Kokkola and two department stores in Oulu, one of which will be completed in autumn 2020.

Typically, Lehto has found a suitable investor for the project – that is, served as the project developer – and then built the premises, with Puuilo as the end user and tenant.


Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Järvenpää, Lahti, Kokkola ja Oulu

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Lehto knows Puuilo’s requirements for its retail premises

The development work carried out over the years is evident in the high efficiency of the new projects: Lehto knows Puuilo’s requirements and the construction of a new department store can be started up rapidly thanks to a familiar shared concept. This means there is less need for specification works during the project. In practice, this shortens the design phase – which also affects the costs and rental level of the retail premises project.

According to Juha Saarela, CEO of Puuilo, each of these joint projects has been carried out more time-efficiently than the last. From the end user perspective, the process is increasingly smooth.

“Puuilo and Lehto have learned to know each other well. Discussions are easy. Replicating tried-and-true approaches yields benefits and supports new projects. Lehto has the ability to find good retail locations for our chain’s stores. In addition, they have good experts, project managers who handle the construction of our retail premises. They understand our needs. We can trust them and the experts give us good suggestions regarding space solutions,” says Juha Saarela.

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“Not one project has fallen behind schedule”

“In addition, it’s important for us that projects always stay on the agreed schedule. Not one project has fallen behind schedule. Retail premises do not generate revenue before they open their doors – it’s extremely important to hold the opening ceremony on the agreed date,” says Juha Saarela.

Juha Saarela says that Lehto’s strengths are a concept tailored specifically for Puuilo and the construction company’s knowledge of what Puuilo’s retail premises should be like. Smooth and efficient cooperation is also important to Puuilo in new projects.

Information about Puuilo

Puuilo, established in 1982, is one of Finland’s leading low-price department store chains. The company is seeing strong growth and now has almost 30 stores around Finland and an online store. Its product range includes building materials, tools, car accessories, garden supplies, pet food and pet supplies, as well as household items. Puuilo serves DIY customers and companies in particular. The company is known for its always low prices and wide product range.

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