Hakaniemi Market Hall, Helsinki

A comprehensive renovation project began at the Hakaniemi Market Hall in the beginning of 2018, but the market hall continues to operate uninterrupted on temporary premises – a glass hall built by Lehto – at Hakaniemi Market Square.


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Lehto was selected to build the temporary premises for Hakaniemi Market Hall following a tendering process organised by the City of Helsinki. To match the client’s specified needs, the temporary glass hall was designed to be a modern building that fits the cityscape well.  The glass hall erected at Hakaniemi Market Square has received a lot of positive feedback from the merchants and local residents alike.

The merchants give Lehto full marks for cooperation

According to Pirjo Passinen, who was the Chair of the Merchants’ Association of Hakaniemi Market Hall during the construction project, the active advocacy efforts of the merchants’ association led to the City of Helsinki looking into acquiring a temporary building for the market hall.

“It was a positive surprise that a Finnish construction company was able to offer a product that suits our needs and comes at a reasonable cost. Lehto’s quotation met all of our needs right from the tendering phase, and the subsequent cooperation between Lehto and us shopkeepers has also been very smooth. Food retail involves strict requirements concerning heating, water, ventilation and refrigeration solutions, and Lehto understood these needs very well. I give Lehto full marks for cooperation. We have found that the premises are functional and comfortable in practice and the appeal of the market hall and the Market Square area as a whole has increased,” Passinen says.

Prefabrication reduces the on-site construction time and costs

The temporary building for Hakaniemi Market Hall was implemented under the principles of the economically driven construction model developed by Lehto. Its key elements include strong design management and the use of Lehto’s proprietary innovative standardised solutions.

Designed for temporary use, the market hall building consists of prefabricated parts. The foundation, for example, is a prefabricated steel frame placed on steel piles. Only a few cobblestones needed to be removed from the market square for pile driving, and no actual excavation was necessary. The building’s floor and roof elements were manufactured at Lehto’s production plant in Humppila. They were erected simultaneously at the site to ensure an unbroken dry supply chain.

The technical rooms and employee social facilities were built in shipping containers and delivered to the site as elements with fully completed interiors. The points of sale were delivered as ready-to-install elements that were manufactured using 3D modelling. The roof over the entrance and the ramp and steps were made using CLT elements which, together with the use of wood strips, gives the building a modern and warm appearance.

The use of prefabricated elements and modules means that most of the construction takes place in a factory rather than on site. Prefabrication ensured that the temporary market hall building came in at a reasonable overall cost, with consistent quality and excellent moisture management during construction. Prefabrication also made it possible to achieve a uniquely high level of production efficiency: the on-site construction stage at Hakaniemi Market Square took only four months.

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